founded in 2005 in Braunschweig-Germany by Mr. Amir Cherif and it started developing software and web solution for local companies, in 2006 Amhsoft enter the Arab market with its most famous product Amhshop. and it got a very good number of clients who are now present them self's as a leading online companies in the Arab market.

Production line start to expand and producing more web product as the demand from the Arabic market increase and the mentality of the traders become more aware of the positive result from trading online.

Once the company reached its client #500 it open it administration office in the Kingdom of Bahrain to make it easy for the clients to communicate with Amhsoft.

And now Amhsoft is in the process of opening it office in Tunisia as its sales and marketing office for north Africa region & technical support office.

Amhsoft build its reputation in the Arab market with the most spread ecommerce solution (Amhshop) and it reach to over 500 client who are trading online with comfort and happiness.

Also Amhsoft realize the importance of (auto’s & real-estate) fields so it produce (Amhcar & Amhimmo) for the region who have the most high score in trading cars and buildings.

from the other hand, we understand the high requirements of professional companies and the high demand of controllability over their business and from this concept we create (Blue shop) which suite small & mid companies.

AMHsoft portals are the most valuable projects that the company work on to provide a healthy and profitable floor to those traders who are looking for a high sales and marketing jump.

A Germany development standards is what we are and what our products are reflecting to our precious clients.

Amhsoft is operating currently in europe and GCC to sell their products and services, and by opening its office in tunisia it will be able to bring Ecommerce to north africa countries and open a gateway to other countries to know and trade products from north africa countries to thier markets and specially in the highest consuming reagion in the world (GCC).

Amhsoft with its experence will able to teach traders in tunisia and north africa countries how to expand their business online and in their mother language (Arabic).


Bahrain office

Germany office

Tunisia Office

office: 1906

almoayyed tower

seef district 428

kingdom of bahrain

Tel: 00973 17580516

Fax: 00973 17580035

Date of establishment: October 2010

CR #:  75642-1

Holder name: Fatima Burashed

Nationality: Bahraini

Street: Berlinerstr 52j

City: 38104 Braunschweig

Country: Germany

Tel: +49 531 280 180 5

Fax: +49 531 280 180 44

Date of establishment: Dec. 2005

CR #: HRA200478

Holder Name: Amir Cherif

Holder Nationality: Tunisian/Germanian.

City: El Ghazala, Ariana

Country: Tunisia

Tel: 00216 94 385 290

Date of establishment: Aout 2013

CR #: 13509457

Holder Name:  Rostom Kilani 

Holder Nationality: Tunisian/Germanian.